The Internet, by nature, is an always-changing entity. It goes through trends and fads just like anything else.

How do we handle the changing landscape of the Internet for our websites?

The solution might be responsive design and development. This means your website is configured to be viewed at any size, and remain usable and readable, no matter what platform it’s being viewed on. As long as we keep seeing different devices access the Internet in different ways, we will always need to pay some attention to how our websites are being rendered on screens of all sizes. This couldn’t be any more important in the eCommerce field since every viewer is a potential sale, and we don’t want to alienate any one of our customers. My blog will take you through the five main reasons why I think one might need to take a responsive approach to their eCommerce website.

#1: Cutting Edge

There’s a saying that once you buy a cutting edge computer, in 3 months it’s already obsolete. The same thing can be said for websites. In the past year, we’ve seen the screen size of our phones and tablets increase in size. When developers already spend a lot of their time making sure everything looks just right at a certain size, what happens when the viewing medium changes? If it changes, your visitors aren’t able to experience the full ins and outs of your website. Responsive websites allow you to control what your potential customer is seeing no matter if they have an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. Responsive design is based on the width of the browser, and not a fixed width. So If a container on your website is taking up 60% of the page, it renders at 60% on any device. Responsive design gives the ability for this 60% to render perfectly on any size device giving optimal viewing experience for your customers.

You can always test to see if a website is responsive or not. Just open up a site on your laptop or desktop and play with the screen size; if you see content and images changing from two columns to one with changing layouts then the site you are viewing is probably responsive. If you’re still not 100% sure what responsive is, check out this responsive illustration.

#2: Better than Mobile

Websites are able to have a separate mobile theme and once installed, your site is set up to render one device and desktop version, but what about everything in between? In today’s technology world, your customer will not only appreciate when they see your website is set up for their iPad but they will almost expect it. It’s better to invest a little more money and add a little time to your website redesign process by incorporating a responsive site, with today’s tech savvy customer base.

#3: Play with the Big Boys

Who uses responsive design anyway? Match your competition and raise the bar by being on the cutting edge of the Internet. This shows your company cares about your product enough to know what’s going on in the design front. Check out any of the websites below for great responsive website examples.

#4: Be A Trendsetter is a website with its own particular niche, and that’s skinny ties. They have been getting lots of press lately because they have a pretty cool responsive, Magento site. Surely, this has brought new customers into the fold simply based on the design. When you are a trendsetter in your niche, the competition has to catch up to you.

It’s Not As Difficult As You Think

Going responsive doesn’t mean we need to sink hundreds of extra hours or dollars into your project. Technically, if your website is built correctly or with responsive design in mind, a good developer should be able to make the widths of particular elements fluid, meaning they are changed by the size of the browser, not a set pixel width. Some webpages change the main banner image as we get smaller, or add certain elements, and while this is great, not always necessary. The amount of effort it takes to go responsive is up to you, the designer and developers. It’s not a set astronomical amount.

In conclusion, when the Internet is such a fast moving place, why start behind from the beginning? Let Groove lead your website to the next level by going responsive today!

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