Just moments ago, Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah stepped off of the stage at INBOUND15 after presenting to the largest crowd of HubSpot evangelists recorded — an unprecedented 14,000 attendees.

Coming from the CEO/CTO and Co-Founders of HubSpot, this keynote signifies an exciting moment for marketers worldwide because it’s the anticipated event where HubSpot releases new features and updates that will improve the way we manage our marketing efforts.

While new updates are usually centered on refining how marketers use the HubSpot platform, at HubSpot’s INBOUND15 Conference, many new announced improvements will significantly modify how your Sales AND Marketing Teams use the platform.

The fact that HubSpot has made new updates to these tools is an example of their dedication to optimizing the user experience for their customers. Without further ado, here are the latest HubSpot updates and releases hot off the presses:

The easy initiative

As HubSpot continues to develop and grow, they want to make sure that the customer always stays front-of-mind and that they offer a platform that is easy for customers to use. To ensure that these are priorities moving forward, HubSpot created the easy initiative to focus on making their product lighter and faster.

This included a major overhaul of the OS and HubSpot platform:

  • A completely redesigned full-screen interface
  • New editing screens for site pages, landing pages, blogs and emails
  • New dashboards across the platform

Website platform improvements

HubSpot has made over 1,600 updates and enhancements over the last two years, all while keeping your user feedback and user experience in mind! The latest platform enhancements announced today are:

  • Inline Editors – Allows you to make all your edits in one screen.
  • Optimizers for ALL pages – It’s not limited to just email anymore. Now you can get a sense of what is working across all of your site pages, live!
  • Preview across all pages – See what your page will look like across multiple platforms without have to jump back and forth between screens.
  • A new staging area – Easily build and deploy new websites without disrupting the old sites.
  • Included SSL certificate with every HubSpot site.
  • New website grader – Use this to assess how your site is performing. (Trust me, it has come a long way since the original launch in 2007!) It’s configured now to include how your site performs on mobile and factors in aspects like page load time, and it also provides you with suggestions on how to improve your site.

Predictive lead scoring

Custom lead scoring has been a very manual and confusing process, with trying to determine which actions determine better qualified leads and assigning those actions numbered values. Moving forward, predictive lead scoring will use its new algorithm to spider through your contacts and their actions, and then assign scores automatically. With this feature, you can say goodbye to guessing and hello to optimizing. This feature is included at the Enterprise level at no extra charge, but you must be a customer already using lead scoring and have over 500 contacts.

Learn more about predictive lead scoring in the video below!

[video width="720" height="400" mp4="http://www.gotgroove.com/hubfs/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Predictive-Lead-Scoring-Walkthrough-Video.mp4"][/video]



Whether you are a startup or a small business blogger, you probably cannot afford $200 or more per month to become “Inboundy.” Well, Leadin is the answer!

Leadin is an inbound marketing app for WordPress that is perfect for bloggers and small businesses that are looking to learn more about who is visiting their website but don’t quite have the budget for HubSpot. It allows you to:

  • Insert conversion forms on your website in seconds to turn visitors into subscribers
  • Get augmented intelligence around your contact’s company – Once visitors convert, you get insights on what pages they’ve looked at and what they are interested in. You also get detailed information on the person’s company, as you would through HubSpot.
  • Gather detailed performance analytics for your website – See firsthand where you visits are coming from, how many contacts have converted and how you are doing over time. From there, you can use this information to better segment your marketing.

HubSpot Connect

HubSpot is an amazing tool, and they know that your business may use a variety of extensions to get the job done. That’s why HubSpot created HubSpot Connect, where you can have access to many integrations that are HubSpot-friendly and help you see how your business engages with customers. They have partnered with products like Teamwork, Zendesk, Domo, Shopify, SlideShare and many more to help you get a complete view of your customers.

All of these integrations will assist you with:

  • Data integration — keeping HubSpot as the “system of record”
  • Keeping track of when and where your customers interact through the contact timeline
  • Segmenting lists and building workflows based on your integrations

HubSpot Releases New Features & Product Updates

The Reporting Add-on

Reporting can be difficult as your company starts to grow. That’s why HubSpot created the Reporting Add-on, which is the all-in-one dashboard for every one of your reports. (Yes, every one of your reports). This is a dashboard that can be customized for each HubSpot user to show reports most relevant to them. That means all of your marketing and sales reports are available to anyone in the company in a single view. As your team grows, you will be able to create new and customized reports for all of your needs.

The Reporting Add-on starts with over 20 customizable templates and has awesome drag-and-drop technology to make them work for your reporting needs.

This feature is an additional $200 a month, but well worth it for customers who are eager for more reporting options in HubSpot.

The Ads Add-on

I know you may be thinking, why an ad integration? Can advertising even be inbound? The answer is simple: yes, when done correctly! The problem is there aren’t a lot of tools to make that easy and possible.

Introducing HubSpot’s Ads Add-on! It’s the easiest way to design, measure and leverage ads for your inbound marketing campaigns. Now it is possible to create social and search ad campaigns within HubSpot to give you a closed-loop view of your advertising ROI.

With this extra $100-per-month add-on, you’ll be able to:

  • Create engaging ads within HubSpot
  • Leverage your ads to grow quicker
  • Analyze click-based metrics such as conversions

HubSpot Releases New Features & Product Updates

As part of the launch, you’ll have access to B2B ad solution leaders LinkedIn and Google!

HubSpot CRM and Sidekick updates

Since being announced last year, CRM and Sidekick have changed prospects into leads and closed deals for Groove (learn how we closed a six-figure deal with Sidekick here!). Sidekick is a great email integration tool for your Sales Team, as it connects your inbox and CRM to give you insights on how your prospects are engaging in real time. With the new enhancements just announced, you’ll be able to receive more data about your contacts and modify your strategies to reach your goals:

  • Prospects Tool – Your Sales Team will now be able to create views and subscribe to receive daily emails of targeted companies to which they should reach out. Each member of your team can customize these views to have select reports sent to them on the companies to which they want to sell. Prospects adds over 19 million companies directly to your HubSpot CRM interface.
  • Sidekick Connections – See current connections that your prospects may have with people currently in your company. This gives your Sales Team a great way to establish a strong introduction with each prospect!
  • Sequences – With Sequences, your team has the capability to create custom nurturing emails automatically within the CRM or Gmail. Your Sales Team can write, send and schedule out follow-up emails to reach prospects in advance.

With the CRM, the changes made were simple yet beneficial in making it easier to:

  • Tag your co-workers in notes – Any time you need to draw a coworker’s attention to an update, you can mention them in any notes space in the CRM and they will automatically be sent an email on the update.
  • Use Gmail integration – This allows HubSpot CRM users to pull their full history of interactions automatically to the CRM.
  • Have multiple deal pipelines – Your teams can separate pipelines based on different teams or products.

Key takeaways

As a platform, HubSpot has so much to offer in addition to these product updates to help you manage and streamline your marketing efforts. With INBOUND15 still well underway, there’s still so much to learn! Stay up to date with what is going on at HubSpot’s INBOUND15 Conference by following the #INBOUND15 on Twitter, and learn more about the products in detail here.

Interested in learning more about how you can leverage HubSpot to align with your business goals? Contact Groove today! We’re happy to help answer your questions.

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