Welcome to Groove!

Thank you for your interest in working for Groove, Baltimore's performance-based, ecommerce creative agency. We would like you to complete a task as a pre-requisite to your hire on our team. We are looking for a strong and ambitious front-end developer with the creative flexibility and ingenuity to solve complex problems.

How it Works

We're going to give you 60 minutes to build a responsive landing page. The design assets will be provided on your desktop. You will be given a limited set of tools to build what you see:

  • An IDE for coding (SublimeText)
  • A photo editing application for slicing (Gimp)
  • A terminal application (Terminal)
  • Common front-end developer tools (Ruby, Node.js, Gulp, Grunt, Compass, Sass)

You are free to use this machine to do any research or install additional tools. The password for this machine is "password" — just remember, you have only 60 minutes, and it begins as soon as you click the button below. When you are done, click I'm Done. Your timer will stop, and someone will be with you shortly to conduct a post-exam interview.

One last thing: please fill out your contact information to the right of this page.

I'm Done

Task Parameters

  • Build a landing page
  • Use any workflow
  • May use UI libraries
  • May use JavaScript libraries

Evaluation criteria

  • Task completion
  • Code cleanliness
  • Workflow development
  • Component engineering
  • Creative liberties



Talk to Us

Tell us about your goals and we'll discover together how Groove can help you meet them.