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As a Director of Paid Media often does, I was tinkering around in Google Analytics when I came across a feature I had not seen before which will be invaluable to those struggling with tagging URLs.

Previously, advertisers had to find an external site, chrome plugin, or outdated spreadsheet in order to configure their tracking URLs to get visibility Google Analyticsin Google Analytics. With this new feature, advertisers can configure campaign tracking URLs natively in Google Analytics and avoid multiple URLs showing up in reports.

I can see plenty of benefit for marketers, advertisers, and bloggers alike in using this and it's official from Google, so no worries about data leakage.

As it appears this feature is in beta mode, I wanted to give a sneak peek in the event that it goes live for general release (and I hope that it does). See the deck below for workflows and a couple insider tips and tricks:

What do you think of the feature? Do you have access to it yet?


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