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How to Create Engaging Content for eCommerce Websites

Content has always been a problem for many eCommerce sites. Where does it fit in? What more can I possibly write about my products? How can I make my content more appealing? Who actually wants to read this stuff?

Add More Personality to Your Product Descriptions

You need to get creative, people! You can write a product description a mile long, but just because the content simply exists doesn't mean that your visitors will care to read it or even find it helpful, should they read.

The key is to make your content more engaging and more appealing to your visitor's needs. Let's use sunglasses as an example for now: if your site sells sunglasses, what are your visitors looking for? Well, naturally I want to see some great images and know the color and size of the glasses - those are the basics. What else can you write about to get your visitor to become engaged in your website and really sell him or her on your product? Here's an idea:

Talk about what outfits and occasions the sunglasses are best for - should you buy them for a casual day at the beach or are they a better fit for a BBQ at the boss's house? Sure, not everybody thinks about what glasses are better for which occasion, but you'll be thankful for the extra sale from those who do.

Create a Lifestyle Blog

Blogging about coupons or special offers about your products is good, but how engaging can it really be? Everybody loves a coupon, but if that's all your blog is known for, it's not going to do you much good. Picture this as the title of one of your blog posts:

Jay-Z Rocks Gucci Sunglasses at MTV's Spring Break in Miami Beach

Now that title will get your visitors interested to actually read the content and here what you have to say about Jay-Z, his Gucci sunglasses and MTV's Spring Break. Again, not everybody listens to Jay-Z or wears Gucci sunglasses, but you should get the point by now: Create interesting and engaging content related to your products, don't just talk about the products themselves. At the end of your article is where you'll want to provide a link to learn more about your site's Gucci sunglasses.

Create a Product Resources Section

Be the authority on everything about your products and industry. A product resources section should be filled with "how to's", definitions and other general information about your products. This differs from a lifestyle blog in that it's purely for information purposes. Readers can learn everything from how to put a broken lens back into their sunglasses to how to clean their sunglasses without scratching them. You'll not only create an engaging environment for your visitors but you'll also be rewarded with tons of organic traffic :-)