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20 Nifty (and free!) SEO Tools

Who doesn't love a new SEO tool? They make our lives easier by saving us time and money; they also do a great job of pointing out where our sites have room for improvement. I've put together a list of 20 completely free SEO tools as a resource for search engine marketers and for newbies who are just getting started. I do plan on updating this list in the near check back often for more free SEO tools! Here they are:

Copy Tools
Search Engine Spidering Tool -
Shows you what your site looks like to the search engine spiders. This tool can definitely shed some light on why search engines aren't indexing your pages...or can help you avoid that problem before you launch a site.

Copy Optimization Tool -
Looks over the URL you enter and determines its level of search engine friendliness

Keyword Tools
Keyword Density Cloud -
Analyzes all the keywords in a given URL and gives a report of how many times they show up. All put together in a nice big keyword cloud!

Keyword Density Analyzer -
Another keyword density analyzer...without the cool cloud.

Google Keyword Suggestion Tool -
Part of Google Labs. Google suggests keywords as you type…and tells the number of search results for that keyword/phrase.

Link Tools

Link Popularity Tool -
Market Leap's famous link popularity tool. Will give you a report of how many back links there are to a given URL, which search engines have indexed the links and how you stack up to the rest of the web.

Link Popularity Check-
Different version of the above link popularity tool.

Link Quality Assessment -
One of my favorite link tools! Gives you a ton of information on a site's backlinks including inbound/outbound links, links from .edu and .gov sites, deep linking percentage and more!

Backlink Anchor Text Analyzer -
Finds all your links across the web and displays your anchor text for each of them.

Page Rank Tools

Check Page Rank -
Quickly and easily check your Google Page Rank (PR).

Future Page Rank Predictor -
Predicts your future page rank for the next time Google updates it based on your site's current stats.

Page Rank Tool -
Another way to check your Google Page Rank...some are more reliable than others!

Pay Per Click (PPC) Tools

PPC ROI Calculator -
Just plug in the numbers and see if your PPC campaigns are performing miracles or breaking the bank.

Keyword Generator Tool -
Helps you to find keyword phrases based on a given keyword that you enter - can offer effective suggestions for building your PPC keyword list

Keyword Generation Tools -
Enter your keyword and this sweet tool will wrap them in Broad, Phrase and Exact Match tags - the three types of keyword matches used in Google Adwords...a huge time saver!

Search Engine Tools

Search Engine Keyword Position -
Gives you search engine rankings by keyword and URL.

Keyword Analysis Tool -
Analyzes the position of your site for given keywords and pairs them against the other top results.

Search Engine Ranking Report -
Shows you how your site stack up in the search engines for given keywords.

Search Engine Spider Simulation -
Another way to see how your web pages look to a search engine spider.

URL Trends -
Gives you page rank, incoming/outgoing links, alexa rank and more all in one report.