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Being able to generate leads online is important and Google AdWords is a great way to drive new traffic to your site. Many businesses have limited advertising budgets but still want to generate more leads via Pay Per Click Marketing (PPC). If this sounds like you, then these five tips will help you generate more leads while maintaining the same monthly ad spend.

1. Tweak Contact Forms
This first tip is straight forward; there is a direct correlation between the number of fields in a contact form and the conversion rate. Eliminate all fields that are nonessential and watch your conversion rate rise.

2. Give Something Away
Try thinking of creative ways to generate leads because simply asking for someone’s personal information won’t always fill up your inbox with leads.

Here are a few examples:


  • eBook/ White Paper – Offer information that potential clients would find valuable, but require users to fill out a contact form in order to download it or have it emailed to them.
  • Free Consultation – Offer a brief consultation but require users to fill out a contact form in order for a customer service representative to reach out and schedule an appointment.
  • Webinar – Host a webinar discussing a new product, recent research or simply an online Q&A session.


3. Separate Head Terms and Long Tail Keywords
There are two types of keywords: head terms (short tail) and long tail keywords. Head terms have high search volumes because they are shorter and less focused. An example of a head term could be something like “Lawyers”. Long tail keywords convert at a higher rate because they are more focused but they have a much lower search volume. An example of a long tail keyword would be “Medical Malpractice Attorney in Columbia, Maryland”.

If you have a limited budget, your head terms could burn through your daily ad spend before your long tail keywords even get an impression. Keep your head terms and long tail keywords in separate campaigns to ensure the long tail keywords are able to get impressions and clicks.

4. Increase Bids for Keywords with High Conversion Rates
Try increasing the maximum cost per click for keywords that have a high conversion rate. Click through rate increases as the average position of your ads increases. Allowing these high performing keywords to rank higher will drive more profitable traffic to your site. Also, pause your account’s underperforming keywords.

5. Optimize for Conversion
The last tip is by far the easiest to implement. In February 2011, Google introduced a third option when selecting the rotation method of your ads. Instead of showing the ad that results in the most clicks or rotating the ads evenly, Google now gives you the option to show the ad that is most likely to result in a conversion. To apply this ad rotation setting to your campaign, go to Settings >Advanced Settings > Ad Delivery: Ad Rotation, Frequency Capping > Ad Rotation > Edit, then click the radio button next to “Optimize for Conversion”.

Optimize for Conversions