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For 75 years, Di Bruno Bros. has been a pioneering specialty food retailer and importer in Philadelphia, PA. They have grown from a single modest shop to a community-driven enterprise with more than 350 employees, five retail locations and an eCommerce presence. With a wide product variety of cheeses, meats and specialty foods, Di Bruno Bros. has thrived on creating delicious dishes along with delighting their customers through engaging content such as recipes and tips.

“Groove helped us embrace the intuitive Bigcommerce platform and surpassed our design expectations, building a powerful site around our stunning product photography.” - Bill Mignucci Jr., Di Bruno Bros. President.

The Before

  • While creating an engaging brand experience was a focus, ensuring that the eCommerce site delivered from a functional standpoint was also paramount in the decision to re-platform.
  • Di Bruno Bros. knew that success in eCommerce necessitated a mobile-optimized experience, ease of use for the online shopper, optimal search engine functionality and the ability to measure transactions through enhanced reporting tools to aid in marketing optimization.
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The After

  • Groove was selected to evaluate the current platform, Magento Enterprise, as well as other platforms in order to provide a recommendation to help grow this etailer’s online presence. Di Bruno Bros. ultimately decided to switch to Bigcommerce Enterprise, a platform solution that offered the most baseline functionality with minimal needs for custom enhancements.
  • Groove focused on creating an optimal responsive design by identifying the previous major drop-off points in the shopping experience through reviewing analytics data as well as building a mobile shopping persona that guided the design and functionality requirements.
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The Result

  • Di Bruno Bros. had a vast library of educational content, recipes and cooking tips that Groove restructured within the blog to provide better categories and quicker access to these abundant resources. The Groove Marketing Team also utilized SEO research to narrow down the overwhelming number of categories into a defined list of target keywords.
  • It was decided early in the process that rich visual imagery was going to be required to convey the quality of the meats and cheeses online, and the Groove Development Team worked closely with Bigcommerce to ensure that the file size of these images would not affect page load time.
  • 63% Increase in conversion rate
  • 53% Increase in unique purchases
  • 14% Increase in revenue
  • 6.5% Increase in online sales

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