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Ops-Core was founded in 2005 with the introduction of a unique, modular, scalable, open-architecture helmet system design for Special Operations Forces. Designed to seamlessly integrate, Ops-Core’s comprehensive suite of modular, scalable, open-architecture helmet systems provide today’s warfighter with true system level performance. Ops-Core’s vertically integrated production and in-house design and engineering capability allow them to rapidly develop, test, and produce solutions to meet specific customer needs.

The Before

  • Ops-Core’s website was simply outdated and in need of an overhaul in order to maintain market share. 

  • Their site was not driving traffic or converting at the rate they saw with their competitors.
  • They had compelling lifestyle photography, but the site was not capitalizing on it. The site did not present a strong brand identity or user experience.

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The After

  • Groove created a digital experience where lifestyle photography and interactive imagery allow a visitor to insert themselves into the ballistics environment and be fully immersed in Ops-Core’s ability to protect the elite warrior.
  • With a specialty product that is highly customizable, the Ops-Core website provides detailed descriptions, explanations, and advice all along the purchasing path. To increase conversion, product pages were optimized by increasing the prominence of configurable options and an add to cart button.

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The solution

  • We set up the site on BigCommerce to take advantage of native features (mobile responsive design, site search, recommended products, and social integration) that address Ops-Core’s objectives. BigCommerce Stencil provided a perfect platform to create a beautiful site with heavy imagery.

  • When you enter the Ops-Core site, it does not feel like an ecommerce store. We knew that a poor user experience would distract from the Ops-Core product, so we ensured product placement, navigation, search, and checkout were seamless. 

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    Product variables uploaded
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    Custom site features
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    Optimized across all site features

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