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Brands Are Meant To Be Experienced

A brand is a business’ asset and drives choice, creates value and leads to loyalty. Great brands are built on vision, unique values, and promises but they have to be experienced in order to have real meaning.

Visual design is the use of imagery, color theory, shapes, typography, and form to enhance usability and improve the user experience. We believe in the psychological power of creative design and development that leads to site performance.

Proven Process


From pre-design interviews to post-design usability testing, research helps us understand your customers' motivators, inform the psychology behind the user's actions on site, and finesse the final experience.


We build brands on organizational vision, unique values, and promises. 


Great brands must be experienced in order to have real meaning. We design based on User Experience (UX) strategy. 

It starts with understanding the psychology behind a user's actions, then creating the most simple and useful actions that will send them along that path.

Victory Speaks Volumes

”The team at Groove really understood the complexities of digitizing our loyalty efforts and quickly identified Sweet Tooth as the optimal Magento extension to power the reward functionality in our Players Circle program. The cyclical rewarding process we envisioned 3 years ago was brought to life.” - Peter Cerone, d’addario See Their Success Story

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